a short history of conceptual ice art

Guest post by Charles Stankievech, a Dawson City/Montreal multimedia artist who has been teaching 4D art at the KIAC School of Visual Arts (SOVA) in Dawson City since it opened three years ago. The Ice Cubicle interviewed Charles in early November about his exhibition The DEW Project; now he contributes this post about ice's role… Continue reading a short history of conceptual ice art

charles stankievech: DEW project

The first artwork I "met" by Charles Stankievech, a Montreal/Dawson City multimedia artist, was his delicate, subtle work Whispers (for WB) at the Parisian Laundry (Montreal) in 2005. For this piece, Stankievech set a series of speakers attached to long, rambling wires along the floor of a skinny concrete hallway. The speakers exuded a wash… Continue reading charles stankievech: DEW project

Arctica: circumpolar online mag seeks subs

(February 2010 update: Arctica is now set to launch on Friday, February 12, online and in a little studio in Whitehorse too, if you're nearby) Just before I moved to Dawson in April, a writer friend in Vancouver e-introduced me to an editor/writer in Whitehorse who was putting together an editorial team to plan an… Continue reading Arctica: circumpolar online mag seeks subs

Tavares Strachan: Arctic Ice Project

The full title of Tavares Strachan's ice sculpture is a poetic line of yearning: The Distance Between What We Have and What We Want (Arctic Ice Project). The phrase is almost conversational, long and lingering enough to hook me in right away, even before I see the images of what it is. Arctic Ice Project… Continue reading Tavares Strachan: Arctic Ice Project

on Neil Wilkin: is glass ice’s cousin?

For those poor souls who live in geographies without natural ice formations, glass art might be your next best bet. And Neil Wilkin's art might just satisfy the need, especially if my theory rings true about glass being an ice substitute - visually, metaphorically - when it comes to decorative arts. If ice is water… Continue reading on Neil Wilkin: is glass ice’s cousin?

IFAD #3: unusual freezer inhabitants

In fact, the more I looked at the conversations and pix generated by the idea of International Freezer Appreciation Day, the less certain I become about guessing the contents of anyone's home coldbox. from filmmaker and bon vivant Nadine Lucas and her sweetheart Steve Bailey (Victoria, BC), evidence of "late night sleep deprived humidity delirium"… Continue reading IFAD #3: unusual freezer inhabitants

ice animation: Dan Sokolowski

Dawson City has been a magnet for filmmakers at least since the Dawson City International Short Film Festival started a decade ago. One of the Dawsonites committed to all things cineastic is the smart, unassuming and committed-to-ballcap filmmaker Dan Sokolowski. The director of the said DCISFF since 2007, Sokolowski himself makes animations that are sometimes… Continue reading ice animation: Dan Sokolowski

announcing: International Freezer Appreciation Day, August 7

Friday, August 7 will be the first ever International Freezer Appreciation Day, according to The Ice Cubicle - and we want you to help make it  happen. International Freezer Appreciation Day is a newly-invented celebration of the mechanism that brings us cool refreshment in the summer (ice cream, ice cubes) and suspended tastes of summer… Continue reading announcing: International Freezer Appreciation Day, August 7

ice in art: Ice Ice

Another moment where ice and percussion spontaneously coexist: Vancouver artist Julianne Claire submits this spontaneously filmed short video Ice Ice, 2008; legs - Mark Dahl.   Julianne writes: "A late night walk down Hastings Street. Trying to find winter rhythms where we can, where movement is determined by the forecast, the mold breaks, and steps are returned."