a playable record made of ice

News of this enticing object came my way in the form of a FB post from a friend. Clicking through link after link and blog after blog that tracks this innovation, I've discovered music-lovers and designers are offering equal amounts of enthused interweb attention to this playable record made of ice. (The image above, for… Continue reading a playable record made of ice

terje isungset: ice trumpeter seeks glaciers

One thing that strikes me about at Norwegian percussionist Terje Isungset's invented instruments is how personalized they are. Isungset is one of only a handful of people in the world to make ice percussion instruments. And I'm pretty sure he's the world's sole crafter - or at least the master crafter - of ice trumpets.… Continue reading terje isungset: ice trumpeter seeks glaciers

karin rehnqvist: ice music for chamber orchestra

To compose for instruments of ice requires a large dose of intuition and a pinch of craziness. How will these instruments possibly sound? One has to guess: most likely softer or probably not so expressive as a traditional instrument. The lowest register of cello and double bass are certainly not as sonorous and dark. What… Continue reading karin rehnqvist: ice music for chamber orchestra

charles stankievech: DEW project

The first artwork I "met" by Charles Stankievech, a Montreal/Dawson City multimedia artist, was his delicate, subtle work Whispers (for WB) at the Parisian Laundry (Montreal) in 2005. For this piece, Stankievech set a series of speakers attached to long, rambling wires along the floor of a skinny concrete hallway. The speakers exuded a wash… Continue reading charles stankievech: DEW project