new painting: night driving

I finished night driving in the first few days of December. The literal physical makings for this painting came from gifts and social connections. While I was making it, more community connections came to mind. So when it was done, I wanted its "first introduction to the world" to be with a few friends, in… Continue reading new painting: night driving

Comfort zone (Yukon Riverside Arts Fest)

I love participating in Dawson City's Yukon Riverside Arts Festival! From Aug. 13-15, I'm excited to re-position my soundscape, sculpture, and writing work "Comfort Zone" in an outdoor space. It looks smaller, which matches more closely the size-experience of being a human at the Arctic Circle. Using your phone to access the QR code takes… Continue reading Comfort zone (Yukon Riverside Arts Fest)

Comfort zone (for Arts in the Park)

[Play the soundscape at to experience the sculpture's audio self] My world has become too small. I gather some close friends. We climb in a movable nest and head up the Dempster. The gravel ribbon. See: the blessing and the curse of roads. The blessing and the curse of machines. The blessing and the… Continue reading Comfort zone (for Arts in the Park)

Drone day 2021: Palace Grand

On May 28/21, the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC) was one of many groups hosting experimental sound events around the world for Drone Day - a day for swimming in noise, drone, massive sound. "Every year we make a noise together that stretches around the world." KIAC partnered with Parks Canada and… Continue reading Drone day 2021: Palace Grand

Dawson Film Fest poster dawgs

Best email I've had in months: Dan Sokolowski, from the Dawson City International Short Film Festival, asked if he could use my submitted watercolour for the 2021 Festival poster. I'm thrilled! Especially because DCISFF has been a big part of Dawson City becoming home for me over the past decade-plus. Here's the final poster. The… Continue reading Dawson Film Fest poster dawgs

bell for a blind dog

The field recording that generated this painting came from taking a friend's old, blind dog, Katie, on many walks. The specific walk I recorded and worked from was in deep winter. That memory came back as I laid brushstrokes for the rhythms of our footsteps. We walked by the river almost every time, so those… Continue reading bell for a blind dog

Plant Encounters is live!

[This project closed / went offline in August 2021, as we came to the end of our funding]The Long Walk Collective - Bo Yeung, Georgia Hammond, and me (Meg Walker) - is so excited and proud to announce that the Plant Encounters online publication is live! What: "Plant Encounters" is an online multimedia publication at… Continue reading Plant Encounters is live!

Exhibition text “Hearts Along the Shore”

It took a lot of (worthwhile!) time to figure out what I wanted to write in response to Toronto artist Libby Hague's exhibition "Every Heart Can Grow Bigger: Make Room." Hearts Along The SHore (oddgallery_hague_brochure)Download The brochure in the link above is based on the interview and gallery visits I had with this very articulate… Continue reading Exhibition text “Hearts Along the Shore”