Ice Road to Tuk – 2012 accolades

A few sparkly and exciting ice events have happened between now and the last time this blog had a regular heartbeat. Here's one I wanted to share. In the last post I had written in 2010, into blue noon: over a frozen road, I had just finished editing a short video, using footage from a… Continue reading Ice Road to Tuk – 2012 accolades

into blue noon: over a frozen road

This is my last Ice Cubicle blog post, a wrap to an intriguing project that has left me with a long list of ice-related ideas to explore. There are so many things I didn't get to writing about - more on glaciers and ice-shelves disappearing due to climate change; the timeline of Ice House Detroit,… Continue reading into blue noon: over a frozen road

spring fever 1: ice 1 – first signs of river thaw

At last!! Yesterday part of the Klondike River began breaking, which means the Yukon River has a whole segment of activity now too, where the two rivers meet. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to see running water, water in movement, again. These few moments were shot on my camera around 6:00 tonight,… Continue reading spring fever 1: ice 1 – first signs of river thaw

ice carving tips galore

Serious reverence ripples through the demonstration in this video. How would you carve a block of ice with a chainsaw? Note the pristine, artificially created ice (river ice and other "wild" ice contains air bubbles and other variations of opacity). This video's original home is This information-drenched site is run by an ice… Continue reading ice carving tips galore

ice/plastic/ice: music vid for vladislav delay

Northern winter is for sound lovers. Sound travels farther in cold air. The variety of noises thins out in the winter air and tiny acoustic details appear in the spaciousness. Visuals cooperate too: colours ease away and, as a friend says, the landscape looks like a monochrome watercolour. Time for delicate calibrations of the senses.… Continue reading ice/plastic/ice: music vid for vladislav delay

halloween on ice: usa + italy

Since 1994, ice - at least the artificial, skating rink type of ice - has been enjoying its share of ghouls, zombies, bats and black cat action every October when it's time for Halloween on Ice, a figure-skating spectacle dreamed up by skater Nancy Kerrigan. The show has been performed live every year since 1994,… Continue reading halloween on ice: usa + italy

Greenland ice sheet: sensitive + melting fast

About 10% of the world's fresh water is stored in the Greeland ice sheet: a cap of freshwater ice that covers more than 50,000 km² of inland Greenland's landmass. If the Greenland ice sheet melts completely, predictions are that the release of that 10% of water will raise our planet's sea level about 7 metres.… Continue reading Greenland ice sheet: sensitive + melting fast

iceberg collapse = human noise

when icebergs collapse, we humans gasp and exclaim. and not only in Canada. West Greenland: Twillingate, Newfoundland: Point Armour, Labrador: well, actually this footage is silent, but you might add your own sound track while watching it: footage of an ice bridge in Argentina collapsing, with musical mellowness added on top after the fact: and… Continue reading iceberg collapse = human noise

IFAD final: Rachel’s Yukon freezer expertise

For the final celebration of last week's International Freezer Appreciation Day: Rachel Wiegers, Dawson's belle, tells the story of buying, emptying, and moving a freezer in preparation for the winter. Wearing fur-lined high heels from the thrift store in Mayo, just because that's Rachel-style. Much thanks to James Wood for helping lift, and for driving… Continue reading IFAD final: Rachel’s Yukon freezer expertise

Ligorano/Reese: democracy disappeared

  What started as an art gallery project in 2006 took on very public dimensions in 2008 when collaborative artist team Ligorano/Reese staged ice sculptures of the word “Democracy” during the Democratic and Republican Conventions in Denver and St. Paul, as well as in New York City. Initially, the DEMOCRACY ice was linked to audio clips… Continue reading Ligorano/Reese: democracy disappeared