announcing: International Freezer Appreciation Day, August 7

Friday, August 7 will be the first ever International Freezer Appreciation Day, according to The Ice Cubicle – and we want you to help make it  happen.

International Freezer Appreciation Day is a newly-invented celebration of the mechanism that brings us cool refreshment in the summer (ice cream, ice cubes) and suspended tastes of summer in the winter (frozen strawberries, rhubarb) – not to mention the delicious tastes of unspoiled food brought to us by refrigerated trucks all year round.

What does The Ice Cubicle want from you? Photos of your freezers! or your favorite freezer owned by someone else! (come on, you know you love that little freezer out back of your favorite local bar) 

Please send your images by Wed Aug 5 at the latest, to Please include a note saying where the freezer is located, plus a photo credit. I’ll make a medley of photos for posting on International Freezer Appreciation Day itself. 

freezer outside Londsdale mechanics shop, summer 08
freezer outside Londsdale mechanics shop, summer 08

Cool air yah!

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