Ice Road to Tuk – 2012 accolades

A few sparkly and exciting ice events have happened between now and the last time this blog had a regular heartbeat. Here's one I wanted to share. In the last post I had written in 2010, into blue noon: over a frozen road, I had just finished editing a short video, using footage from a… Continue reading Ice Road to Tuk – 2012 accolades

ice essentials, dawson city film fest

Last weekend Dawson City was wrapped up in the 11th annual International Short Film Festival, and it was "an obliterating mind expander" to quote one of the writers on the Fest's confessional blog (I'll just confess here that I was too busy having my mind torqued and my martini-consumption levels tested to take time to… Continue reading ice essentials, dawson city film fest

no ice in the aurora, but peter mettler’s near

When I was a kid, I thought aurora borealis were extra special, super-high-in-the-stratosphere ribbons of ice reflecting wild lights from outer space. Now I know better, but no matter how much we learn scientifically about the Northern Lights - no matter how measurable they are, or they may become mappable - when I see the… Continue reading no ice in the aurora, but peter mettler’s near

ice/plastic/ice: music vid for vladislav delay

Northern winter is for sound lovers. Sound travels farther in cold air. The variety of noises thins out in the winter air and tiny acoustic details appear in the spaciousness. Visuals cooperate too: colours ease away and, as a friend says, the landscape looks like a monochrome watercolour. Time for delicate calibrations of the senses.… Continue reading ice/plastic/ice: music vid for vladislav delay

Arctica: circumpolar online mag seeks subs

(February 2010 update: Arctica is now set to launch on Friday, February 12, online and in a little studio in Whitehorse too, if you're nearby) Just before I moved to Dawson in April, a writer friend in Vancouver e-introduced me to an editor/writer in Whitehorse who was putting together an editorial team to plan an… Continue reading Arctica: circumpolar online mag seeks subs

ice diplomat: Lepage’s Dark Side of the Moon

I haven't seen the stage version of La Face Cachée de la Lune, a play written by Robert Lepage and first performed at Le Theatre du Trident in Quebec in 2000. But last night I had a great time watching the 2003 film version, in English subtitles. The title translates as The Dark Side of… Continue reading ice diplomat: Lepage’s Dark Side of the Moon