IFAD #3: unusual freezer inhabitants

In fact, the more I looked at the conversations and pix generated by the idea of International Freezer Appreciation Day, the less certain I become about guessing the contents of anyone’s home coldbox.

ice word only

from filmmaker and bon vivant Nadine Lucas and her sweetheart Steve Bailey (Victoria, BC), evidence of “late night sleep deprived humidity delirium” – and freezer appreciation. (plus strange freezer-inhabitant appreciation?)

2009 08 06, Perogy Cat 05 Edited2009 08 06, Perogy Cat 10 Edited

ice word only

Okay, I know this is a fridge, not a freezer, but when artist Charles Stankievech sent this photo from a recent holiday in Provence, I was seduced by the plethora of fresh artichokes.


ice word only

In the “under 12 years old” category, photos from Devin Galway in Victoria, BC (published with permission of his mother, Peggy Herring). Each certainly seems to tell a mysterious tale!


ice word only

and from Peggy Herring (see her version of a Russian “Freezer” tale on today’s IFAD #1), this visual pun:

peg cactus

ice word only

In a crossover contribution, Vancouver writer Jill Margo (see her tale on IFAD #1) found a geographically transported inhabitant in her freezer:


ice word only

This week I’m personally very grateful to my Dawson City friend Jody Beaumont for the use of her spanking new, practically empty deep freeze. She’s letting me use it to freeze the wine rectangles for my temporary sculpture “To Your Health!” for next weekend’s Riverside Arts Festival. Cheers to Jody’s freezer, a dream facilitator!

7 frozen squares on the left, boxed wine cooling on the right in prep for moulding
7 frozen squares of wine-n-water on the left, boxed wine cooling on the right in prep for moulding

ice word only

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