into blue noon: over a frozen road

This is my last Ice Cubicle blog post, a wrap to an intriguing project that has left me with a long list of ice-related ideas to explore. There are so many things I didn't get to writing about - more on glaciers and ice-shelves disappearing due to climate change; the timeline of Ice House Detroit,… Continue reading into blue noon: over a frozen road

ice carving tips galore

Serious reverence ripples through the demonstration in this video. How would you carve a block of ice with a chainsaw? Note the pristine, artificially created ice (river ice and other "wild" ice contains air bubbles and other variations of opacity). This video's original home is This information-drenched site is run by an ice… Continue reading ice carving tips galore

ghost head from the north pole

if you'll excuse my constant return to the north-north (further north than Dawson City) as a subject of conversation, here's another ice image from Tuktoyaktuk ... I'm still dream-thinking about the wonders we saw in December there. this ghost head must have come from the north pole, as there are no topographies in place to… Continue reading ghost head from the north pole

ice lenses meet tuktoyaktuk light + snow

We're stuck in Tuk! And ice-sculpting is the current prescription for preventing cabin fever. We arrived safely in Tuktoyaktuk around 4:00 on Wednesday after 5 slow, bumpy hours on the Ice Highway (pix to come later). It took about an hour of waiting around at the North Mart until we got through to the cell… Continue reading ice lenses meet tuktoyaktuk light + snow

inuvik by accident + ice lens dreaming

Tomorrow, I head to Tuktoyaktuk on the Mackenzie Ice Road. But I've been in Inuvik by accident since yesterday. How? The flight from Whitehorse to Dawson couldn't land due to fog, and I had the choice of flying back to Whitehorse, or staying in Inuvik overnight. Strangely enough, my boyfriend and another friend and I were… Continue reading inuvik by accident + ice lens dreaming

Arctica: circumpolar online mag seeks subs

(February 2010 update: Arctica is now set to launch on Friday, February 12, online and in a little studio in Whitehorse too, if you're nearby) Just before I moved to Dawson in April, a writer friend in Vancouver e-introduced me to an editor/writer in Whitehorse who was putting together an editorial team to plan an… Continue reading Arctica: circumpolar online mag seeks subs

Nele Azevedo: Melting Men

Small ice sculptures in the shape of humans were placed on the steps of the music hall in Gendarmenmarkt public square in Berlin on Sept. 2, The Winnipeg Sun reported. Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo made one thousand of the ice figurines, which began melting immediately on the sun-soaked cement. Many melted within 30 minutes. The… Continue reading Nele Azevedo: Melting Men

meg walker: to your health

A few thoughts about a recent sculpture I made and installed for Dawson City's Riverside Arts Festival. “To your health!” was a toast to anyone who’s found their heart too frozen to speak. A public toast, and a poetic service. Stain the wood. Stain the air with the scent of wine. Walk up closer and… Continue reading meg walker: to your health