IFAD #2: multipurposed freezers

I suppose domestic freezers are intended for preservation of edibles, but IFAD contributors demonstrate there are plenty of good uses for the cold-making technology - even after the freezer's congealing powers have ceased. Maureen Abbott, a Dawson City fine art painter, notes that freezing her palette - and sometimes even a canvas-in-progress - extends the… Continue reading IFAD #2: multipurposed freezers

International Freezer Appreciation Day (IFAD) #1: the freezer literatures

In the process of gathering celebratory materials for IFAD (International Freezer Appreciation Day) it came to my attention that there is a whole body of freezer literature out there. Here are the examples I learned about - three deep. The closing tale is The Rules of Freezer Wars, a fiction that Toronto writer Pasha Malla… Continue reading International Freezer Appreciation Day (IFAD) #1: the freezer literatures

drink me: US Patent Application 20090104316

(In honour of Tim Burton's new Alice in Wonderland film opening soon...ish, as in, March 2010) One of the most esoteric, poetic descriptions ever invented for a foamy beverage with allegedly unique capacity to transform from ice state to hot liquid. I'm afraid to ask what colour it might be. Perhaps a pseudo-latte shade of… Continue reading drink me: US Patent Application 20090104316

icicle face + exclamations

Sometimes the news media give us moments of whimsy and delight. Last December 22, the weather blog for KOMO News (Seattle, Washington) posted these two photos of an "Old Man Winter" icicle, submitted by a Jeremy Olden from Lake Stevens. Comments in response to the post quickly turned skeptical about the "naturalness" of this face,… Continue reading icicle face + exclamations

announcing: International Freezer Appreciation Day, August 7

Friday, August 7 will be the first ever International Freezer Appreciation Day, according to The Ice Cubicle - and we want you to help make it  happen. International Freezer Appreciation Day is a newly-invented celebration of the mechanism that brings us cool refreshment in the summer (ice cream, ice cubes) and suspended tastes of summer… Continue reading announcing: International Freezer Appreciation Day, August 7

fire beats ice + snow

From a road trip Dec 08: bonfires along the Klondike Highway between Dawson City and Whitehorse prove that deep-cold temperatures still can't kill a fire when the fire has enough fuel. The ice on the car windows before we left chilled my fingers and I wasn't expecting to see massive flames anywhere along the frozen… Continue reading fire beats ice + snow