seeing blue (ice) + gold at Vancouver 2010

I believe the Olympics have highlighted social issues we have here in Vancouver. And Canada. And the World. With or without the Olympics. They're issues that need to be talked about. And I'm glad we're talking about them. But I'm not willing to let that interfere with my respect for the Olympians - past and… Continue reading seeing blue (ice) + gold at Vancouver 2010

a short history of conceptual ice art

Guest post by Charles Stankievech, a Dawson City/Montreal multimedia artist who has been teaching 4D art at the KIAC School of Visual Arts (SOVA) in Dawson City since it opened three years ago. The Ice Cubicle interviewed Charles in early November about his exhibition The DEW Project; now he contributes this post about ice's role… Continue reading a short history of conceptual ice art

Yukon grizzlies: handsome icicle beards

It isn't often that bears and icicles get to hang out together; usually bears are in hibernation mode when icicles like to grow. But a unique set of circumstances in northern Yukon sees grizzlies fishing in warm(ish) water each fall when the air is below zero, creating body icicles like the ones pictured here. You… Continue reading Yukon grizzlies: handsome icicle beards

craig carpenter’s yukon freezer bunny

by Craig Carpenter It's said that every seven years rabbits have their year and propagate at alarming rates. The day I decided to sacrifice the fat one hopping about my front doorstep, it was one among thousands dotting the northern meadow outside my cabin at Head Acres, the cabin community 30 km north of Whitehorse.… Continue reading craig carpenter’s yukon freezer bunny

frozen: icon of hyper flight

A story of frozen speed, submitted by a person with an intriguing freezer experience. Amy Reiswig is a researcher, writer and editor who abandoned her freezing home town of Montreal for temperate coastal life in Esquimalt, British Columbia.  Freeze. As a verb or imperative, “freeze” ultimately means that something (or someone) gets slowed down, stopped.… Continue reading frozen: icon of hyper flight

IFAD #4: straightup freezer appreciation

Freezers. What to say, we're grateful they exist. Love 'em, love their contents, love the ease of it all. In fact, a note from Carolyn Hanbury, in La Mortola, Italia, described how she loved her deep freeze enough to haul it on a long journey: My husband and I packed up everything in the removal… Continue reading IFAD #4: straightup freezer appreciation

IFAD #3: unusual freezer inhabitants

In fact, the more I looked at the conversations and pix generated by the idea of International Freezer Appreciation Day, the less certain I become about guessing the contents of anyone's home coldbox. from filmmaker and bon vivant Nadine Lucas and her sweetheart Steve Bailey (Victoria, BC), evidence of "late night sleep deprived humidity delirium"… Continue reading IFAD #3: unusual freezer inhabitants

IFAD #2: multipurposed freezers

I suppose domestic freezers are intended for preservation of edibles, but IFAD contributors demonstrate there are plenty of good uses for the cold-making technology - even after the freezer's congealing powers have ceased. Maureen Abbott, a Dawson City fine art painter, notes that freezing her palette - and sometimes even a canvas-in-progress - extends the… Continue reading IFAD #2: multipurposed freezers

International Freezer Appreciation Day (IFAD) #1: the freezer literatures

In the process of gathering celebratory materials for IFAD (International Freezer Appreciation Day) it came to my attention that there is a whole body of freezer literature out there. Here are the examples I learned about - three deep. The closing tale is The Rules of Freezer Wars, a fiction that Toronto writer Pasha Malla… Continue reading International Freezer Appreciation Day (IFAD) #1: the freezer literatures