into blue noon: over a frozen road

This is my last Ice Cubicle blog post, a wrap to an intriguing project that has left me with a long list of ice-related ideas to explore. There are so many things I didn't get to writing about - more on glaciers and ice-shelves disappearing due to climate change; the timeline of Ice House Detroit,… Continue reading into blue noon: over a frozen road

phenom: pingos of the far north

What is a pingo? An ice-cored hill that only exists where permafrost exists, because permafrost is what pushes the ice upwards like a giant pimple. There are about 5,000 of these in the world, and 25% of them - 1350, to be precise - exist in the Mackenzie Delta on the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula. I love… Continue reading phenom: pingos of the far north

ghost head from the north pole

if you'll excuse my constant return to the north-north (further north than Dawson City) as a subject of conversation, here's another ice image from Tuktoyaktuk ... I'm still dream-thinking about the wonders we saw in December there. this ghost head must have come from the north pole, as there are no topographies in place to… Continue reading ghost head from the north pole

mackenzie delta ice road: drifted

The blizzard I mentioned in my last post wrapped itself enthusiastically around the spider-shaped hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territory, from Dec 31 to Jan 3. The storm seemed to come straight from the north pole, fierce and uninterested in anything but racing across miles of flat ocean and land.* We were warm and safe, so… Continue reading mackenzie delta ice road: drifted

ice lenses meet tuktoyaktuk light + snow

We're stuck in Tuk! And ice-sculpting is the current prescription for preventing cabin fever. We arrived safely in Tuktoyaktuk around 4:00 on Wednesday after 5 slow, bumpy hours on the Ice Highway (pix to come later). It took about an hour of waiting around at the North Mart until we got through to the cell… Continue reading ice lenses meet tuktoyaktuk light + snow

inuvik by accident + ice lens dreaming

Tomorrow, I head to Tuktoyaktuk on the Mackenzie Ice Road. But I've been in Inuvik by accident¬†since yesterday. How? The flight from Whitehorse to Dawson couldn't land due to fog, and I had the choice of flying back to Whitehorse, or staying in Inuvik overnight. Strangely enough, my boyfriend and another friend and I were… Continue reading inuvik by accident + ice lens dreaming

Tuktoyaktuk ice road: in liquid form

One tricky thing about the North is that, when it's summer or even fall, your body finds it hard to remember that everything within sight (including yourself) will soon return to living inside a thick layer of deep cold for more than half of the year. The Dempster Highway, Canada's most northern road, ends at… Continue reading Tuktoyaktuk ice road: in liquid form