and hawaii reveals: asteroid ice

Looking beyond Dawson again - way beyond - two groups of scientists viewing the sky from Hawaii have discovered a thin layer of ice around asteroid 24 Themis. The separate research teams have measured proof of the ice, and of organic matter, using the NASA Infrared Telescope on Mauna Kea. 24 Themis, about 120 miles… Continue reading and hawaii reveals: asteroid ice

Shackleton’s whiskey at last (plus brandy!)

My Darling Wife, I am working day and night I can only send a line all I will tell you when I get back and on the way to Sydney. Child I cannot say how I feel about all the worry to you but it is over now sweeteyes and all will go well you… Continue reading Shackleton’s whiskey at last (plus brandy!)

10-yr-old iceberg floats near Oz

A piece of news about an iceberg, in an article that isn't about climate change for once. I like knowing that this massive, dense thing has been floating around for a decade - for 9 years as part of a bigger berg, and now for about a year on its independent own. I like knowing… Continue reading 10-yr-old iceberg floats near Oz

Shackleton’s 100-yr-old whisky

What kind of whisky would would you offer this man? While we wait for meetings in the Copenhagen Climate Conference to draw some conclusions about the future of ice, The Ice Cubicle takes a moment to consider some ice from the past - and what it saved for us. The expedition: It's no news that… Continue reading Shackleton’s 100-yr-old whisky

conspiracy charges in ice cube trade

Remember that time last summer when you were rushing to a friend's barbeque and realized you were out of ice? Chances are you didn't have enough in your own freezer to pack a cooler full enough to chill your pop/beer/white wine, so you stopped at a gas station or grocery store and bought a back… Continue reading conspiracy charges in ice cube trade

athabasca glacier: rapid retreat

Hope you don't mind, the Ice Cubicle took a little jaunt south (to Vancouver and environs) to breathe some ocean-side air. But now I'm back in Dawson and appreciating the first sips of winter. There aren't any glaciers within walking distance from here, but there are some up the Dempster Highway so I'll hope to… Continue reading athabasca glacier: rapid retreat

Greenland ice sheet: sensitive + melting fast

About 10% of the world's fresh water is stored in the Greeland ice sheet: a cap of freshwater ice that covers more than 50,000 km² of inland Greenland's landmass. If the Greenland ice sheet melts completely, predictions are that the release of that 10% of water will raise our planet's sea level about 7 metres.… Continue reading Greenland ice sheet: sensitive + melting fast

Nele Azevedo: Melting Men

Small ice sculptures in the shape of humans were placed on the steps of the music hall in Gendarmenmarkt public square in Berlin on Sept. 2, The Winnipeg Sun reported. Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo made one thousand of the ice figurines, which began melting immediately on the sun-soaked cement. Many melted within 30 minutes. The… Continue reading Nele Azevedo: Melting Men

Erlanger Crater: ice on the moon?

Where there's ice, there's hope of human survival – or so goes the thinking around exploration of our planet's solo moon. The question of moon living was revitalized last week when two satellites recently passed by the Erlanger Crater, at the moon's north pole, to radar-probe for evidence of ice. I wonder what we would… Continue reading Erlanger Crater: ice on the moon?

competitive ice cream winner: bacon

Ice ... cream provides one of the most domesticated, and delicious, relationships we have with ice. It can become a kind of crazy, rules-free relationship, too, since the combination of tastiness and the guarantee of an enthusiastic audience encourages some extreme creativity when it comes to ice cream flavours. The winning recipe of the 3rd… Continue reading competitive ice cream winner: bacon