artist seeks coach: spring fever vs ice

Spring is taking its sloooww sweet time to warm everything up, but considering last year's sudden melt and how much damage that caused - flooding and thicker-than-average ice floes wiped out Eagle, Alaska, for example - I am trying hard not to complain. (See my post from last May about Eagle's rough ride). And, well,… Continue reading artist seeks coach: spring fever vs ice

ice essentials, dawson city film fest

Last weekend Dawson City was wrapped up in the 11th annual International Short Film Festival, and it was "an obliterating mind expander" to quote one of the writers on the Fest's confessional blog (I'll just confess here that I was too busy having my mind torqued and my martini-consumption levels tested to take time to… Continue reading ice essentials, dawson city film fest

lumps of freshwater ice: shackleton in the weddell sea

I took the book South out of my bag and immersed myself in its prose as I waited for my sushi to be prepared. The sidewalks outside were icy, but indoors everyone was jacketless. In another time, near another continent, Ernest Shackleton and his men were not so comfortable: We ate a cold meal and… Continue reading lumps of freshwater ice: shackleton in the weddell sea

shot glasses for birthday toasts

What to make for a friend's birthday when she already has everything she needs? Ice shot glasses, for sure! It was only -16 C last Sunday, so I put the shot glass molds fairly early to give them enough time to set (10 a.m. on a weekend is early for this bird). When I removed… Continue reading shot glasses for birthday toasts

Yukon grizzlies: handsome icicle beards

It isn't often that bears and icicles get to hang out together; usually bears are in hibernation mode when icicles like to grow. But a unique set of circumstances in northern Yukon sees grizzlies fishing in warm(ish) water each fall when the air is below zero, creating body icicles like the ones pictured here. You… Continue reading Yukon grizzlies: handsome icicle beards

ice over a water hole

Our waterhole is freezing, of course. Every day before I dip the bucket into the precious liquid, I have to use the axe and reluctantly destroy those wonderful ice crystals that have grown the night before. - Manuela In the first few weeks of The Ice Cube's eager search around the internet for personal stories… Continue reading ice over a water hole

yukon river freeze-up + one sad truck

I love watching the Yukon River freeze over in early winter (2nd time for me) because it's a 2-4 week period of continuous drama. Every morning, the river is going to be completely different. And we all know that after freeze-up the river enters deep-sleep mode, which means no more visible river movement until spring.… Continue reading yukon river freeze-up + one sad truck

george black ferry: mini ice-ecosystem

Every year, the George Black ferry chugs across the Yukon River between Dawson City and West Dawson as long as the river is liquid enough for movement. The season of diesel travel is bracketed by break-up (usually early May) and freeze-up (anywhere from late October to late November). While we wait for the river to… Continue reading george black ferry: mini ice-ecosystem