shot glasses for birthday toasts

What to make for a friend's birthday when she already has everything she needs? Ice shot glasses, for sure! It was only -16 C last Sunday, so I put the shot glass molds fairly early to give them enough time to set (10 a.m. on a weekend is early for this bird). When I removed… Continue reading shot glasses for birthday toasts

ice over a water hole

Our waterhole is freezing, of course. Every day before I dip the bucket into the precious liquid, I have to use the axe and reluctantly destroy those wonderful ice crystals that have grown the night before. - Manuela In the first few weeks of The Ice Cube's eager search around the internet for personal stories… Continue reading ice over a water hole

conspiracy charges in ice cube trade

Remember that time last summer when you were rushing to a friend's barbeque and realized you were out of ice? Chances are you didn't have enough in your own freezer to pack a cooler full enough to chill your pop/beer/white wine, so you stopped at a gas station or grocery store and bought a back… Continue reading conspiracy charges in ice cube trade

competitive ice cream winner: bacon

Ice ... cream provides one of the most domesticated, and delicious, relationships we have with ice. It can become a kind of crazy, rules-free relationship, too, since the combination of tastiness and the guarantee of an enthusiastic audience encourages some extreme creativity when it comes to ice cream flavours. The winning recipe of the 3rd… Continue reading competitive ice cream winner: bacon