spring breakup: a swimming tale

For a while there it seemed the "spring fever vs ice" competition was over. The Yukon River broke weeks ago, and it's hot enough in the daytime to get a slight sunburn, as I found out yesterday. But I had to drive between Dawson City and Whitehorse twice in the past two weeks, and as… Continue reading spring breakup: a swimming tale

yukon river freeze-up + one sad truck

I love watching the Yukon River freeze over in early winter (2nd time for me) because it's a 2-4 week period of continuous drama. Every morning, the river is going to be completely different. And we all know that after freeze-up the river enters deep-sleep mode, which means no more visible river movement until spring.… Continue reading yukon river freeze-up + one sad truck

george black ferry: mini ice-ecosystem

Every year, the George Black ferry chugs across the Yukon River between Dawson City and West Dawson as long as the river is liquid enough for movement. The season of diesel travel is bracketed by break-up (usually early May) and freeze-up (anywhere from late October to late November). While we wait for the river to… Continue reading george black ferry: mini ice-ecosystem