ice animation: Dan Sokolowski

Dawson City has been a magnet for filmmakers at least since the Dawson City International Short Film Festival started a decade ago. One of the Dawsonites committed to all things cineastic is the smart, unassuming and committed-to-ballcap filmmaker Dan Sokolowski. The director of the said DCISFF since 2007, Sokolowski himself makes animations that are sometimes… Continue reading ice animation: Dan Sokolowski

ice in art: Ice Ice

Another moment where ice and percussion spontaneously coexist: Vancouver artist Julianne Claire submits this spontaneously filmed short video Ice Ice, 2008; legs - Mark Dahl.   Julianne writes: "A late night walk down Hastings Street. Trying to find winter rhythms where we can, where movement is determined by the forecast, the mold breaks, and steps are returned."

Ice Flow, an urban video-poem

I stopped because it was pretty in an ugly sort of way. I stayed because it echoed something in myself. An urban ice field, slagged in gravel, oozing salt: Pb, Cu, Cd, Zn, Al, Ca, Na, Mg, and Fe. A permeable ecological interface: traffic, trees, sewer gratings, pedestrians, and sunshine. Taps, sewers, roots, trees, mouths,… Continue reading Ice Flow, an urban video-poem

ice trumpet: Terje Isungset

Ice music produces a range of sounds that seem familiar and strange at the same time. There's an airiness in some sounds, while other ice pieces sound almost like glass when struck. In this excerpt from a London concert last December, the Norwegian free-jazz composer and percussionist Terje Isungset plays a set of sculptured ice… Continue reading ice trumpet: Terje Isungset

phenom: candle ice

One thing I'll be exploring on this blog is the amazing range of ice types and ice phenomena that exist, both naturally and in manufactured forms. This week I've been fascinated by seeing candle ice for the first time, though I'm pretty sure I heard plenty of it tinkling past on the Red River the… Continue reading phenom: candle ice