IFAD final: Rachel’s Yukon freezer expertise

For the final celebration of last week’s International Freezer Appreciation Day: Rachel Wiegers, Dawson’s belle, tells the story of buying, emptying, and moving a freezer in preparation for the winter. Wearing fur-lined high heels from the thrift store in Mayo, just because that’s Rachel-style. Much thanks to James Wood for helping lift, and for driving the freezer from the north end to the south end of Dawson!

She also describes the importance of freezers for Yukoners in general, in vids 2 + 3.

Rachel is one of Dawson’s friendliest faces, with a laugh for every occasion, plus a hell of a lot of knowledge about the Klondike and the Yukon. She’s also the main source (often the only source) for burlesque shows in town and has added sauciness to many an occasion, such as the Dawson City International Short Film Festival each spring.

My laptop’s still in sick bay, so I couldn’t stitch these together and instead I invite you to watch these 4 videos back to back for the whole story.

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