IFAD #4: straightup freezer appreciation

Freezers. What to say, we're grateful they exist. Love 'em, love their contents, love the ease of it all. In fact, a note from Carolyn Hanbury, in La Mortola, Italia, described how she loved her deep freeze enough to haul it on a long journey: My husband and I packed up everything in the removal… Continue reading IFAD #4: straightup freezer appreciation

IFAD #2: multipurposed freezers

I suppose domestic freezers are intended for preservation of edibles, but IFAD contributors demonstrate there are plenty of good uses for the cold-making technology - even after the freezer's congealing powers have ceased. Maureen Abbott, a Dawson City fine art painter, notes that freezing her palette - and sometimes even a canvas-in-progress - extends the… Continue reading IFAD #2: multipurposed freezers