Drone day 2021: Palace Grand

On May 28/21, the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC) was one of many groups hosting experimental sound events around the world for Drone Day - a day for swimming in noise, drone, massive sound. "Every year we make a noise together that stretches around the world." https://droneday.org/ KIAC partnered with Parks Canada and… Continue reading Drone day 2021: Palace Grand

no ice in the aurora, but peter mettler’s near

When I was a kid, I thought aurora borealis were extra special, super-high-in-the-stratosphere ribbons of ice reflecting wild lights from outer space. Now I know better, but no matter how much we learn scientifically about the Northern Lights - no matter how measurable they are, or they may become mappable - when I see the… Continue reading no ice in the aurora, but peter mettler’s near

Nicole Dextras: ice typographies

        November and December 2008. Through some stroke of luck, Vancouver artist Nicole Dextras and I were both artists-in-residence in Dawson City, Yukon, through the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC).   We hadn't met previously, so I was delighted to discover that Dextras makes eco-sensitive ephemeral artworks, and that many… Continue reading Nicole Dextras: ice typographies