IFAD #4: straightup freezer appreciation

Freezers. What to say, we’re grateful they exist. Love ’em, love their contents, love the ease of it all.

ice word only

In fact, a note from Carolyn Hanbury, in La Mortola, Italia, described how she loved her deep freeze enough to haul it on a long journey:

Sarah freezer 002

My husband and I packed up everything in the removal van for our major move from the UK to Italy. Amongst our possessions was the deep freeze we snapped up when a local ice cream shop was seling it off. Not a question of leaving it behind.

Twelve years later, the freezer is still going strong. It’s been a faithful friend, and never let me down. On August 7, I will serve up my special bitter orange ice cream from its depths in honour of its years of service.

ice word only

from Cori M., a portrait of ice cream bounty from Dawson City’s General Store.

buckets of icecream

ice word only

Another thing to appreciate: how freezer contents change with our identity shifts. A photo from web programming guru James Covey (Halifax/Dartmouth, NS), from “bachelor days “back in 2005. (It’d be great to see a comparison photo now!)

bach-freezer - jcovey - dartmouth dec30-05

ice word only
Amy Zidulka (Victoria) sent this thought about freezers having different roles in her life:

Chest freezers = two different very times of life.

One, up north in Alaska. Charlie needed one for king crab legs and home packs of halibut and chopped-up deer.

Two, motherhood. I bought my own chest freezer last year, since now I’m a cook-on-weekends-and-freeze-casserole type.

ice word only

Luella Iwasiuk had two favorite freezer uses in the recent Vancouver heat wave.
Here’s the first (portrait of a gin I’d love to meet!):


And the second trick was: stuffing her pillow in the freezer, a sleep-enabler when the summer’s just gone out of control with solar enthusiasm. But the heat wave broke a couple of days ago, so the pillow-stuffing pic didn’t need to happen anymore.

ice word only

A second email praising freezer goodness came from Sarah Walker in the context of her work at an environmental organization in Arles, France (her first appreciation-tale is in IFAD #2: multipurposed freezers).

The standing freezer in the organization’s common house is currently full of apricot halves waiting to be turned into jam or other mouth-watering goodnesses. Feels like a tasty note to end on for this batch of International Freezer Appreciation Day thoughts.
congelateur 2

ice word only

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