Shackleton’s 100-yr-old whisky

What kind of whisky would would you offer this man? While we wait for meetings in the Copenhagen Climate Conference to draw some conclusions about the future of ice, The Ice Cubicle takes a moment to consider some ice from the past - and what it saved for us. The expedition: It's no news that… Continue reading Shackleton’s 100-yr-old whisky

Dawson, 1900: lack of summer ice

In 1900, Dawson City's summer berry bounty - and the lack of ice to prolong its freshness - prompted a brief discussion about the merits of an ice plant all the way across the continent in the pages of the New York Times. Though that summer's news was about a month old when this article… Continue reading Dawson, 1900: lack of summer ice

whales, chainsaws + ice, Alaska ’88

  When a trio of California gray whales was trapped by ice formations near Barrow, Alaska, in late 1988, the Anchorage Daily News tracked their wellbeing from at least Oct. 13 - 29. With temperatures dropping and new ice forming daily, the whales' breathing holes shrank rapidly. People were concerned and tried to find ways… Continue reading whales, chainsaws + ice, Alaska ’88

ice tale: Clap for the Zamboni

. Clap for the Zamboni (an ice-tale memory for The Ice Cubicle's latticework of files, from Vancouver writer Luella Iwasiuk) Each year, as Christmas would grow closer, my parents would deposit my siblings and me at the Prince George coliseum ice rink so they could “meet with Santa to discuss our presents” – in other… Continue reading ice tale: Clap for the Zamboni

Ice Palaces in Montreal, 1883-89

With the exception of remote luxury ice-hotels and a few contemporary winter festivals, large-scale, humanly constructed ice architecture has become increasingly rare. This is either a shame or simply a reflection of our increasingly pragmatic culture, depending on your perspective. But from 1883-1889, anyone living in or traveling to Montreal could enjoy the incredible Ice… Continue reading Ice Palaces in Montreal, 1883-89