phenom: pingos of the far north

What is a pingo? An ice-cored hill that only exists where permafrost exists, because permafrost is what pushes the ice upwards like a giant pimple. There are about 5,000 of these in the world, and 25% of them - 1350, to be precise - exist in the Mackenzie Delta on the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula. I love… Continue reading phenom: pingos of the far north

ice in lit: Operation Northern Shield (excerpt)

Lance Blomgren's Operation Northern Shield (ONS) is a speculative research project investigating the possibility of new settlements in the Canadian arctic. Inspired by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s well-publicized obsession with Canadian sovereignty in the far north—not to mention its wealth of resources and economic potential—ONS depicts a world where ice is both material and idea, building material… Continue reading ice in lit: Operation Northern Shield (excerpt)