ice-free music fest

This weekend, I was surprised to discover that the Dawson City Music Festival was virtually ice-free! My guess as to why: the weather wasn’t too hot; all booze was either beer in cans or wine poured out for you (no cocktails!) which meant no glasses with ice cubes; and the small site doesn’t allow for sprawling picnics or any of that kind of activity, so there were no coolers in action. Fridge units were the norm at the service areas.

My one shot of a gin & tonic, longed for all weekend once the beer choice dwindled to the watery, tasteless Chilcoot Lite, is from the Soul Sunday event a bunch of us went to after Bend Sinister closed the DCMF. Bend Sinister got the crowd rocking (as did Luke Doucet on Friday night, and Mother Mother on Saturday eve) which provided a steady stream of dance-ready happy people to groove to Soul Sunday’s saxo-funk shenanigans.

mmm, ice glowing blue in the gin-glimmer of black light


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