Four seasons of Yukon sounds

Since 2015, I’ve been gathering field recordings in all seasons at various indoor and outdoor locations around the Yukon Territory, from the remote Eagle Plains Hotel to  Dawson City fireworks to the edges of Crag Lake, and more. The Yukon, though spacious and wild for hundreds of square kilometres, is far from silent!

Currently I pull subprojects out of this intriguing sonic mass. For example, I showed the first Summer segment of Four Seasons of Yukon Sounds in the exhibition Noisy Pictures this past July, in Dawson City.

Over the course of a decade, my hours-long library of sound will evolve into an immersive video work that explores all four seasons of Yukon sound. Listening takes time, and understanding non-human seasonal patterns of sound requires multiple experiences of the seasons.

Eagle Plains sidecars_web.JPG
Near the Eagle Plains hotel, close to the Arctic Circle

My gradual build of Yukon Sounds can be accessed on SoundCloud here. I post new recordings when I travel to a fresh-to-me part of the Yukon (such as Clinton Creek in September 2017). It’s a way to ensure the recordings are not just Dawson-centric or Whitehorse-dominated

Most sounds in this library are available for use or reimagination under Creative Commons license as noted below. Some sounds have been donated to this project by others, and are noted as such; they are not mine to give away.

Creative Commons License
The majority of this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please contact me for specifics if you’d like to use a recording.

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