sound art

Over the years, the question that keeps returning: “Hear what I’m drawing?”

telepathy by touch

This installation is a playful attempt at transmitting sounds from architecture to artist to musician to listeners. In the studio, I had been tracing objects with a contact microphone and made acoustic “drawings” with those sounds.

For telepathy by touch I scaled the activity up by tracing sections of walls, flashings, busted floorboards and creaky ceiling beams in Dawson City’s historical Billy Biggs’ Blacksmith Shop.

I asked Peter Cox (a Dawson electroacoustic musician) to mix the sounds. Our collaboration ran during the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival 2013. The walk-through installation positioned speakers on the ground for low sounds, at waist height for medium-pitched tones, and overhead for treble tones.

The microphone-drawn shapes and textures of the old blacksmith building wrapped around visitors like vines of surround-sound.

1.5 minutes from a 3-hour experience of 3 sound loops that overlap but never quite synch

Project Name

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